3 Reasons why Bulk Email Marketing is best sales strategy

[AdSense-A]The very first email message was sent in 1971 by Computer Engineer Ray Tomlinson. He sent a test message to himself. At that time he had no idea how this email technology is going to change the global way of communication. Email is one technology that has no visible sign of time. It is still most used and effective way of communication and marketing with a great response from users. The number of users replying back is still way more than the number of users commenting on marketing posts on Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Sending your business message via an Email is great. Sending personalized message to hundreds or even thousands is even better. It gives best ROI as admitted by many seasoned internet marketers. Over 70 percent of internet marketers uses email as their core business sales and marketing strategy.

Running a business, small or big, requires too much effort, time and patience. Nothing can’t be done overnight. But you can’t invest money and wait forever for the results. Every business needs fast communication and marketing strategy to extract clients from the market before their competitors do. Here comes the  email marketing strategy. Email is a great tool that not only require less time of execution but also delivers quick response time as well.[AdSense-B]

Imagine if you have to spend this time on print advertisement. The idea, design, meeting with graphic designers, getting these to prints, getting printed material from the printing press and distributing this to users. This would require too much effort and money. Whereas the bulk email marketing is only few minutes’ process. Maximum it would take few hours if you are just starting out and have to compose email messages.

There is no replacement of sending real time messages. You can send messages to your clients every time you have some change or new product. Let’s say that you own an E-Commerce store. You are running a sale on weekend. So how you are going to advertise? The Answer is – Personalized email messages.

With apps like AWeber, E-Goi or EmailOctopus you can send personalized and visually attractive emails to your contact list with just one click. These tools also provide you complete statistics like who open email, who click the link you mentioned in email etc.

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