5 Reasons you should consider Email Marketing this year


[AdSense-A]No matter which professional you belong, you must have seen an email sent to you by some company regarding their products or services. This is called email marketing. Online marketers collect email ids of who they think could be perspective client and send their advertisement and business messages using email marketing software. This is not spam if you have opted in for their messages at some forum, website or blog.

Let’s look at some recent facts and figures collected by email marketing companies in a survey. According to the survey results, over 70 percent of online marketers use email marketing for their prime source of advertising. Over 20 percent find it as their core medium of advertising and reaching out the audience. Over 60 percent claim that their business would not be able to grow without email marketing. Over 43 percent of business have people dedicated to email marketing often titled as community manager or brand manager. Over 74 percent of marketers are satisfied with return of investment due to the email marketing strategy. Over 67 percent of internet users are happy to subscribe the email list and consider it preferred way of getting information about sales and products by their favorite companies and businesses.

Now you must have known about the importance of email marketing. Now let us take a look at the some practical reasons why you should consider email marketing at all

  1. It let you send an unlimited amount of email messages without any extra human intervention. The process is complete automated and works in compliance with non-spam act of 2003 to remove opt-outs and non-deliverable. A user can choose to opt out for email list at any time, and after that it must be excluded from the list as well, otherwise, it is considered a spam and a legal offence in some states of United States of America.
  2. You can choose desktop or web based software according to your convenience. With web based you don’t have to stick to your PC and you can send email, make any changes in email messages or contact list from anywhere.
  3. No actual setup or contract cost is expected these days. Just connect to internet and start communicating with your perspective clients.[AdSense-B]
  4. You can collect email list from your own website or blog and you can also choose to buy list from a credible email list provider based on your business and demographic needs. This provides an excellent opportunity to add new clients in your list without spending time in collecting those.
  5. You can grow email list all the time and this means more perspective clients and users. Build exclusive offers like E-Book, course and give away for free in exchange of email id. This offer has to be relevant to what you are offering so only relevant and targeted clients get through in your list and you don’t waste any effort and budget in your advertising strategy at all.


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