Everything you need to know about E-Goi to generate more sales


[AdSense-A]E-Goi is an easy and powerful email marketing solution for small to enterprise level business. Either you are a professional internet marketer or just own a small blog and want to reach out to your audience in more personalized and creative way, E-Goi lets you create emails like a pro in just a few minutes. It saves time and lots of effort you have to invest while creating and personalizing emails or newsletters. You can do the same with Gmail mail merge feature but that is limited to 100 recipients only and doesn’t provide many other features E-Goi provide like analytics.

According to the Direct marketing associate 2016 response rate report, email marketing can get you up to 122% return on investment. First step is to create a list of email ids of potential customers. Once you are done with the list, craft an email message that has specific message about your product and services along with call to action button or link. The next step is using E-Goi automation feature to leave your clients life cycle on schedule. You don’t have to do anything and emails will reach to your client’s inbox after getting personalized at the time you fixed.

E-Goi empower you with complete analytics and reports. You will get to know when someone open your email or click on the link with the location and time stamp. You can analyze your client’s online behavior and can decide accordingly. E-Goi comes with interactive and fully responsive contact forms to capture your client information if needed. This is ideal if you want to get client information without accessing your website or if you think they would be lazy enough to reach out another link to provide information.[AdSense-B]

It is needless to say that every email would be personalized. Just write Hi !fname and E-Goi will convert it to Hi John, if John is your contact first name. It is easy to use, have tons of information over website in textual and video format for you to understand the process and if you still stuck somewhere, E-Goi has highly professional support team to assist you around the clock.

It has three packages for starter, professionals and corporate. If you are beginner and looking for a turnkey solution to promote your business, ‘starter’ package is ideal for you. With our link you can get it only for 13.50 euro per month. You can cancel the subscription any time.

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