How email marketing can grow your business 400%?



Effective communication with customer can be a key to success for any business. There are number of ways, in which email can help you to communicate with your client in effective way. Famous digital marketer Justin Rondeau says, If you don’t have a solid email marketing strategy, then you hate money. So how does email can help your business? Here are five ways email can take your business to entirely next level.

  1. Creating a website to promote your business is essential these days. Either you own a big business, or running a small shop, a website has to be there. But the next step is to bringing people to your website where marketing comes in. While you receive a few hundred visitors a day, you can’t convert these into your customers unless you interact with these individually. Here email comes for rescue. With the help of software like AWeber you can create really engaging and personalized email campaigns. With our link you get AWeber free for 30 days. After 30 days free trial, the cost is $19 per month.
  2. With Email you can raise awareness about your products or services. To encourage subscribers to share your message with other people, include call to action that tells them to forward the email. This would help to build more audience and probably more subscribers which can often lead to more business.[AdSense-B]
  3. You can share fresh content, newsletters, deals and offers via email. You can increase traffic to your website or portal if you are know what information they are probably interested in and what can keep them engaged.
  4. You can boost sales by promoting products and services. Print media is dissolving with time. Everyone seems to check their emails, Facebook, social media accounts every time. Everyone love personalized email messages in their inbox and according to a research about 60% of users have decided to buy something online after reading about it in an email.
  5. Personalized email campaigns help business owners to influence people to take some action. It could be a small thing like forwarding email to a colleague or big thing like buying your products. It is the cheapest way to increase sale and grab customer’s attention.

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