How to send Personalized Emails with Mail Merge in Gmail?


[AdSense-A]Mail merge in Gmail lets you easily send personalized email messages to recipients. It is powerful and feature-rich way to send plain text or html messages along with file attachments from Google Drive for each recipient. To get started you need to install mail merge ad on first. Open an empty Google spreadsheet, go to add on menu and click on Add new ad on. Search mail merge and install. After you are done, follow these simple steps

  1. Go to Google spreadsheet, click the ‘Add-on’ menu. You will see a new menu item ‘Mail merge with Attachments’.
  2. Click the ‘Create Merge Template’. It will open a new empty template with all the mandatory columns like First name, Email address etc but you can add more fields as well.

Once you are done with template, open your Gmail inbox. Compose a new email message. Include your email message in the body using the {{First Name}}, {{Last Name}} notation. These will be replaced with the actual values from the sheet when the emails are sent.

mail merge

To send the same message to a group of people, you just need to change few fields like salutation, first name, last name, city etc that will be unique for each message. Just add columns in your Google spreadsheet for each of these variable fields and in your Gmail draft, you can refer to these variable fields as {{First Name}} , {{city}} etc.[AdSense-B]

You can send emails instantly or you can choose to schedule your emails as well. Gmail let you send email message to 100 recipients in one go. Now you must be thinking that why can’t you simply send email to these individuals? I mean the functionality is build-in, why Mail Merge? Well, the answer is – personalization and scheduling. These are two features that are only available if you use mail merge in Gmail. You can choose to send every person by updating personal information manually or you can use simple mail merge feature to automate the process.

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