How to use Mail Merge to personalize emails in Outlook


[AdSense-A]Mail merge allows you to send personalized email messages to a large number of people without letting them know who else have got the same email. This is a great way to safe lots of time and effort while sending same email to multiple people at a same time. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to use mail merge within Outlook while all the recipients are already in the contact folder in Outlook.

  1. Select all the contacts you want to email in the contacts folder.
  2. Open the mail merge dialog in Outlook: Go to Tools > Mail Merge or Home > Option Group: Actions > Mail Merge depending on the version of your Outlook
  3. Select Contacts > “Only selected contacts” if you want to send email to only selected contacts
  4. In Document file section select “New document”. In merge options select “Form Letters” in Document Type, “E-Mail” in Merge-to, Fill in your email subject in “Message subject line” field and click OK. Your screen should look like similar to the screen in the picture below. [AdSense-B]
  5. A new document will open. Select the “Mailings” tab on the Menu. Click on “Greeting line” button. Select the greeting line and click ok to close the dialog. Press enter to start a new line. Insert the address by pressing the “address block” button. You can include other information like company name, phone number etc by following the similar procedure. You can also disable any option you don’t want to ad in the email like address in address block or phone number in home_phone block
  6. Before sending the email, preview your final results by clicking on “Preview Results”.
  7. Now it is time to send the email. Click on the Finish & Merge button and select “Send E-mail messages”
  8. A new pop-up dialogue box will open. Click ok to complete the merge.

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