Reduce your Email Marketing cost up to 90% with EmailOctopus


[AdSense-A]EmailOctopus is one of the fastest growing Email Marketing solution available right now. It offers simple yet powerful automation which uses time based onboarding and drip sequences. You don’t have to know any html to send emails via EmailOctopus as it has plenty of responsive and beautifully designed newsletters or plain text email templates. You can upload your own templates or use any predefined template to send emails. Like any other email marketing plateform it provide complete in-depth analytics and data on your email campaign. You can keep track of every click and open. You can view the reports about bounces and unsubscribes that would help you to take informative decision about your email marketing strategy.

Now you must be wondering that almost every email marketing software provide similar features, how you can save money by using EmailOctopus? Yes, you are right. It provide every feature you can expect from an excellent email marketing platform with one difference – It uses Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to send your emails, saving your money without sacrificing deliverability.

Click on the link to see their real time Savings Calculator. Enter the number of subscribers you have and it will give you a comparison of total cost you are going to have with EmailOctopus and other reputed email marketing software.[AdSense-B]

Amazon Simple Email Service is a service provider which let you to send emails to a large number of recipients using the same infrastructure as The best part of using Amazon web services to send email is that you have to pay only for the exact number of emails you send. It let you send 62,000 emails every month for free. That means if you have less or equal number of subscribers to 62,000 you don’t pay a single cent and it’s completely free. If you exceed that limit, you only have to pay $0.10 for 1000 emails.

Amazon low price doesn’t mean any compromise on quality. Amazon has reputation and if they are involved in the process, it means – high quality as promised. Their email infrastructure is state of the art and protect customers from any kind of security risk.


EmailOctopus removes the complexity of using Amazon SES which can be utilized only a technical user and offers a user friendly drag and drop interface to fasten the whole email campaign creation process.

If you are interested to save up to 90% on your next email marketing campaign, Try EmailOctopus today. You can get it for free if you use our link.

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