Triple your Investment on Return with Email Marketing


[AdSense-A]Either you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur working on startup, email marketing is a great way to connect with your audience. Its powerful, efficient and really cheap comparative to most of other advertising mediums including print Ads. Over 70% of business owners in United States alone have adopted this way of advertising. As per definition, this is just a management of contact list and targeted digital communication with your perspective and current clients.  It works by sending digital newsletters, promotions, ads and corporate flyers to users you have in your client email list. It is used in business to business and business to consumer industries.

It is a great way of promoting your products or services without spending a fortune and its adoption is growing day by day. Companies prefer it because it’s an inexpensive, deliver great results in short amount of time and proven track record of attracting new customers.  Email Marketing usually uses a that collects email address and then sends a personalized message to every email contact mentioned in the list. This process is automated and requires very little human involvement. All you need to do is to add more email id in the list so more and more people get aboard in the list and write a draft for your email message that you want to send.

Business owners or entrepreneurs usually give free stuff to get the email of the users. For example, a business that sell house hold electronic items could give away an E-book on relevant topic for free to get the email id in the return. It’s a win-win situation for both. Company gets the email id to later promote their products via email marketing software and user gets a free E-Book. This is start of a relationship.[AdSense-B]

The is the backbone of the email marketing. It can make email messages, then send these to E-mail ids listed in the list without any overhead or extra work. In essence, every message is delivered in the name of targeted person that makes it a personalized message and doesn’t look like that same message went to other thousands of people. Also the application can delete all the sent copies from the sent folder to avoid duplication or extra usage of memory.

GetResponsive is a suite of email marketing tool designed to deliver effective email marketing strategy without any hassle. With the help of 1000 free istock images and 500+ templates you can design irresistible and visually attractive newsletters and emails. With the embedded mail merge feature you can personalize every email, being automated with auto responders.  If you are beginner, you can get GetResponse subscription for 1000 contacts as low as $15 per month by using our link.

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