Why you should use GMass for your next Email Campaign?



GMass is an Email Marketing extension that works with any Gmail account. It is designed specifically to send personalized e-mails to hundreds of users with one click. It allows you to easily schedule emails, send emails to a list of email ids and mail merge with Gmail.

10 Reasons you should GMass

Either you are an internet marketer or simply an individual who has to send mass emails to target audience for business, professional or personal purposes, GMass has everything you need.

  1. You don’t have to use any third party software to compose emails. Compose your message just like you would do with any other Gmail email message including images and attachments etc.
  2. You can save the drafts to see how the email would actually look like when they reach in the target person’s inbox. It give you preview before actually sending the email message.
  3. You can integrate Google Sheet spreadsheet and GMass will pull email addresses and other relevant fields from it. No need to add IDs manually for each user. It would save lots of time and effort.
  4. It let you schedule mass email. Access the schedule by click on GMass arrow to open the GMass settings box while composing your email. You can choose a time from pre-defined list or can enter custom data/time as well. Schedule date and time would be aligned to time zone of your personal computer or laptop on which you are using GMass. After you are done, click on the GMass button to schedule your email. The emails will be sent at the time being schedule without any need of you to intervene.
  5. You can keep track of mail merge campaigns being sent via GMass. To turn on the tracking, just click on Settings box before sending email. Click on the button in-front of ‘click tracking’. This would enable the tracking by default. Other than mailto: and tel: links, all regular web hyperlinks would be converted to track able links.  [AdSense-B]
  6. Campaign level reports will display all the necessary statistics like how many people have opened, clicked, replied and bounced. These reports can be download in CSV format for later use. These reports uses labels ‘click’, ‘opens’, ‘unsubscribes’. When someone click on the link, a report will go into the GMass Reports -> Clicks. Likewise, if someone decide to unsubscribe from your email list, you get the notification in the Unsubscribes label.
  7. It can extract email addresses just by searching past conversations.
  8. You can automate follow-up emails to boost response time. It would make customer feel like someone is listening to them 24 x 7.
  9. You can manage replies and bounces without getting your inbox cluttered.
  10. You can personalize every email message using insertions like {FirstName}, {LastName} and {EmailAddress}.

You can try out as low as $6.95 per month if you purchase using this link.

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